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Receiving anonymous auto insurance quotes these days can often be more difficult than you think. It's very easy to get an auto insurance quote online from any provider whom you're interested in receiving coverage from but these companies will almost always ask for a lot of identifying information before they hand over their quote. Is it even possible to receive anonymous auto insurance quotes these days?

Information Insurance Companies Need

You won't be able to get completely anonymous auto insurance quotes these days because there are certain important factors which you need to input to get accurate data from insurance providers. For example an important factor, which contributes to your auto insurance costs, is your zip code. Driving in certain neighborhoods is more likely to result in an accident than others.

You also need to put in other important factors like your age and your gender and the car you drive. These are unavoidable pieces of information, which an insurance company needs to know to give anything close to an accurate estimate on what they would charge you.

Information Insurance Companies DON'T Need

The more information an auto insurance company uses the more accurate their quote, but they only really need a few pieces of information to get close enough to help you make an educated guess about what you can expect to pay. All the other information they require just for a quote often feels invasive. Most people don't want to give away all their personal identifying information like their name, their exact address, and their contact information.

It would be one thing if these companies used the more precise identifying information you provide them with solely to give you an accurate estimate. In reality most of these companies will use this information, especially all the contact information you give them, to continuously contact you in an effort to sell you coverage.

Most insurance companies these days require you give them contact information to receive your free quote. Is it any wonder most people are reluctant to receive a "free" online quote?

How to Get Anonymous Auto Insurance Quotes

The only way to fully anonymous auto insurance quotes these days, from many insurance providers at once, is to use an aggregate car insurance quote service like the one you'll find on this website. You'll receive accurate enough quotes from many different car insurance companies at the same time giving you a great idea of which companies you will actually want to get in touch with about receiving more information.

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