Car Insurance for Women

Car insurance providers use a very complicated algorithm for figuring out what they will charge their carriers for their coverage. Some of these factors make a lot of sense, such as the risk level of the streets you drive through and the make and model of your car. Other factors don't make as much sense, such as your gender. This factor means there are times car insurance for women will cost a different amount than equivalent car insurance for men.

When Does Car Insurance for Women Cost More or Less Than Men's Insurance?

If you are a woman than for most of your life your car insurance will cost the exact same amount as equivalent car insurance for a man with an equivalent driving record. The only times your car insurance costs will differ from men's is when you reach certain ages.

  • • When you are 16 to 25 your car insurance will cost you less than equivalent car insurance for men.
  • • When you are aged 65 or older your car insurance will likely cost more than the equivalent car insurance for men.

The reasoning behind these two differences in prices is very simple to understand. Statistically speaking women between the ages of 16 and 25 are less likely to get into accidents than men between the ages of 16 and 25. From the ages of 26 to 64, the rate of accidents evens out between men and women, and then from the age of 65 on women are increasingly more likely to get into an accident than men of the same age.

Other Factors for Car Insurance for Women

Aside from your age all the other factors which determine the cost of your car insurance are the same between men and women. These other factors include:

  • • Your driving record, which includes not only reported accidents but tickets and other violations.
  • • In some states your credit rating will be taken into account when determining your rate.
  • • The level of coverage you receive. The more coverage you sign up for the more you'll pay and vice versa.
  • • The size of your vehicle and as such the likely amount of damage it will cause in the case of an accident.
  • • What insurance provider you go with. Different providers offer different rates and performing a quick quote comparison (such as through our free online service) is a great way to make sure you're getting the lowest possible rate.
  • • The state you live in.

Taking all of these factors into account it becomes obvious for the majority of your life your gender plays a relatively insignificant role in the amount you pay for your coverage.

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