The Best Ways to Get Cheap Auto Insurance

If you're a driver then auto insurance is a necessary expense. No matter how safe of a driver you are, no matter if you've never been in an accident in your life, no matter whether you'd rather not pay for it, you legally need auto insurance. Thankfully there's no law mandating you spend as much money as possible on auto insurance. Let's look at a few ways you can get cheap auto insurance and save money every single month on this often an annoying expense.

Don't Assume Large Insurance Providers Give the Best Quotes

The largest and most famous auto insurance providers spend a lot of money advertising their services, putting up countless commercials, radio and print ads explaining how they offer the best insurance rates around and how you will always save money switching to them.

But all the advertisements in the world doesn't mean these large companies actually give the best rates. You will often find cheaper quotes from smaller, less well known insurance companies. Some great insurance providers you've probably never seen advertising on the TV include:

  • • Amica Mutual
  • • USAA Auto Insurance
  • • Safeco
  • • Traveler's Insurance
  • • Rural Mutual

Avoid Cars with Automatically Higher Premiums

What do the following cars have in common?

  • • Ferrari
  • • Jaguar
  • • Maserati

Yes they all produce incredibly cool sports cars, but not only will you spend a lot of money upfront and monthly for one of their vehicles you will also pay a lot more insuring them. The more expensive the car and the more that car is built for speed the higher your premiums.

Intentionally Manage Those Auto Insurance Variables You Can Control

There are a few metrics auto insurance companies base your premium on you have control over, which include:

  • • You can take a larger deductible in exchange for a smaller premium.
  • • You can take a defensive driving course to reduce your premiums by up to 10%.
  • • You can move and work within lower risk, less accident-prone neighborhoods.
  • • Keep your credit rating in good health. In some states auto insurance providers take your credit into consideration, though not all states allow this.
  • • Don't assume placing multiple vehicles on the same plan will lower your premiums.

Getting Quotes to Find the Best Cheap Auto Insurance

Requesting and comparing quotes from multiple auto insurance companies is by far the most effective step you can take to get the best cheap auto insurance. You can compare these quotes yourself by requesting them individually but you will get a more accurate and convenient listing of these quotes by simply using an aggregate service, like the one you'll find on our site.

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