One Day Car Insurance

When you think about car insurance there's a good chance you think about long term car insurance- coverage which will last you at least a few months and often years at a time. The longer term your policy the lower your coverage will cost you on a per-month basis. Yet even with these savings long term auto insurance doesn't make financial sense if you only need coverage for a few months total, and it certainly works against your favor if you only need coverage for a day. In that case you'll do much better getting on day car insurance instead of signing up for a seemingly less expensive long term plan.

Do I Really Need One Day Insurance?

If you're only going to drive for a single day at a time you will probably feel the urge to simply drive without coverage. While tempting there are a couple big problems with this thought:

  • 1. It is illegal to drive without auto insurance, even for a day. Attempting to sidestep the law is a bad idea because it only takes getting pulled over for a minor infraction to get caught.
  • 2. If you get into an accident you may receive thousands and thousands of dollars worth of damages you will have to pay out of pocket. Paying a small amount for one day car insurance is a worthwhile expense so you won't have to worry about being bankrupted from an accident you might have had no control over.

If you're a good driver than 99% of the time you won't need to use your one day car insurance, but it only takes that random 1% of occurrences to create a problem you'll be dealing with for years to come.

The Logistics of One Day Car Insurance

Receiving coverage for a single day works the same way as receiving coverage for the long term.

  • • Start by using a one day car insurance comparison service, like the one you'll find on this website, to find the cheapest auto insurance to meet your needs.
  • • Make sure you get as much coverage as you can afford, including liability & property damages. It's often a good idea to sign up for full coverage as the differences in price between full and minimal coverage aren't exceptional for such a short period of coverage.
  • • Sign up for coverage with them and set the period of coverage to One Day and set it to start the day you'll begin driving. You can purchase coverage that starts immediately or you can purchase it for a future date.

One day car insurance need not be any more difficult or inconvenient to receive than long term car insurance and is absolutely worth applying for even if you'd rather not spend the money.

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