Non Owners Auto Insurance

When we think about auto insurance we tend to think about coverage plans purchased and under the name of the actual owner of the insured car. Yet this isn't only form of car insurance out there. In fact you don't even need to own a car to own a car insurance policy, and this special form of coverage is known as non owners insurance. Read on to learn what non owners insurance is all about and whether it's right for you.

Who is This Insurance For?

Simply put, this form of insurance was designed for individuals who are constantly driving and on the road but who are almost always driving cars they don't personally own. Instead of covering damages to your own car these policies will make sure you're covered for any damaged caused by any car you drive owned by someone else, and they often cover any personal injuries caused while you're behind the wheel of someone else's car. Non-owner's insurance is best for:

  • - Urban drivers
  • - People who travel often
  • - People who travel often for work

When considering a non owners auto insurance policy you need to keep a big point in mind - this insurance won't actually cover any damage caused TO the car you're driving. It will only cover damage caused BY the car you're driving.
Remember: these are liability plans, first and foremost.

Non Owner's Plans are Surprisingly Rare

Overall you might have a difficult time finding a non owners plan which meets your needs because most car insurance companies don't offer them. It's a specialized form of coverage and most insurance providers who do offer it only offer it according to specific terms and stipulations. The majority of these plans are issued to drivers who primarily drive in larger cities due to the fact urban dwellers are less likely to have their own car and are more likely to drive other people's vehicles. Many of these plans are also issued to individuals who travel a lot for business and are often behind the wheel of rental cars. Having your own dedicated non owners insurance in this instance is often cheaper than paying for coverage from the rental company themselves.

  • The Good News: Because non-owners insurance is limited and relatively specialized it's also inexpensive compared to many other forms of insurance. Non-owner's insurance can cost you as little as $200-$300 a year.

Getting quotes on this form of insurance is as simple as getting quotes for any other form of car insurance- all you need to do is go ahead and either visit each individual company's website or use an automated insurance comparison service like ours to compare quotes and find the best possible deal. Most people who require non owners insurance don't require a massive amount of coverage, so make sure you get the best possible price for your plan.

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