Choosing the Best of Car Insurance Companies

Car insurance is big business, and the industry is led by a few very large companies like Geico and All State. These companies spend tons of money on advertising, posting TV and radio commercials all day and night long in an effort to grab new customers and to convert drivers who already have car insurance to switch to their coverage. Their main message is simple- we are the least expensive car insurance company around and by signing up with us you will save a lot of money. But is that true?

Do Large Car Insurance Companies Offer the Best Rate?

While the big car insurance companies offer decent rates on their coverage they are far from the least expensive providers out there. Paying for their constant barrages of advertising costs money and that money comes from padding your insurance policy. In essence you pay more for these large car insurance companies' coverage because you are subsidizing their marketing campaigns.
Does that sound like a fair deal for you?

Expanding the Field of Car Insurance Companies

The good news is you aren't forced to purchase your coverage from one of the industry's biggest players. There are plenty of good smaller companies you can choose from you've never heard of before. These companies have a few key factors which help them offer lower rates.

1. They don't spend a lot of money on advertising, which means they don't need to make up their bloated marketing expenses by increasing your rate.

2. They often operate online or otherwise remotely and don't need to pay for the massive overhead of brick and mortar stores.

3. They explicitly position themselves as cost-effective options and strive to offer the lowest possible rate on their coverage.

These budget car insurance companies are easy enough to find using one of the following methods:

  • • You can do search online to find their websites. A quick search will turn up a dozen of these companies in less than a minute.
  • • You can use an auto insurance quote comparison website service, like ours, to not only turn up a ton of different auto insurance companies but to easily compare all of their quotes at the same time.

You aren't stuck with the big, brand name car insurance companies. You can often get the same exact coverage from smaller companies provided you're willing to do just a few minutes of searching around.

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