Car Insurance for Sports Cars

Sports cars are stylish, they're fun to drive, and they're also often expensive, both to buy and to maintain. One of the biggest expenses for sports cars is the fact their auto insurance coverage often costs more than many other cars, even more than many other cars with the same initial price tag on the lot. Let's take a minute to look at why this is and what you can do to keep those costs as low as possible.

How Insurance Companies Identify Sports Cars

For starters insurance companies classify your car based on its VIN number, which is a code that tells your insurance provider different features built into your car. The VIN is like a social security number for your car, it tells insurance companies all about its history and also about its various characteristics and insurance providers take this data very, very seriously.

So while an insurance company might not charge a higher rate because it is classified by its manufacturer as a "sports car" they will charge a higher rate for various other factors they determine using this number, for example:

The size of your sports car's engine

Sports cars are often classified as such due to the size and power of their engine. The more powerful your engine the faster your car will be, both when it comes to accelerating and max speed. Statistically speaking the faster your car the more likely you're going to get into an accident, which means the larger your engine the more an insurance provider will charge you.

How safe your car is

Sports cars are designed to be as fast and responsive as possible but they aren't designed to be as safe as possible. The safer your car the less you'll pay for insurance, with the opposite being true as well.

Sports car packages on normal cars

Even if you drive a more conventional car, if you add a so-called "sports car package" on to it you will pay more for insurance than if you simply bought the car's more basic model.

Overall you will pay for extra performance from your vehicle with increased insurance costs. It's always a good idea to perform a quote comparison to make sure you get the lowest possible price on your car insurance no matter what you drive (using a service like the one on our site) but taking a few minutes to find the cheapest possible auto insurance is a necessity when you drive a sports car.

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