Car Insurance for Bad Drivers Does it Have to Be Expensive?

Most people believe if they have a bad driving record they're doomed to pay exorbitant fees for their car insurance if they're able to get it at all. Car insurance providers choose whether they will insure you or not depending on your risk profile and if your risk profile is high enough they will either protect their investment with high premiums or guard themselves by denying you coverage altogether.

So if you have a bad driving record are you doomed to settle for the most expensive insurance out there?

Short Term Options for Reducing Your Auto Insurance Premiums

As a so called "bad driver" you have a few options for reducing your auto insurance.

  • • You can opt for a lower level of coverage. Full coverage will be incredibly expensive if you have a poor record.
  • • You can take a safe driving course. This is probably your best option. The majority of auto insurance providers will reduce your insurance premiums if you take one of these courses.

Additionally an insurance provider is more likely to offer you coverage if they see you're taking efforts to reduce your risk profile by becoming a better driver. By taking a safe driver course you'll learn skills for reducing your chance of getting into an accident which makes you a safer bet for insurance providers. These are the only real options you can take as a bad driver to reduce your insurance premiums in the short term, and only taking a defensive driving course will increase your appeal to providers and help you get insurance you would otherwise be denied.

Waiting Our Your Record

The only long term option for reducing your insurance premiums and increasing your attractiveness to insurance providers is by continuing to drive without getting more points on your record. Every year you drive without getting into an accident and without receiving a moving violation you will have an easier time finding good, inexpensive auto insurance. On average each accident and moving violation will damage your record for a couple years while any legal incident involving alcohol will damage your record for up to a decade, so be careful not to receive any more of these or you will set your timeline for good insurance back another couple years.

Comparison Shopping

Even if you have a poor driving record that doesn't mean you should take the first offer of coverage you receive. Bad drivers will benefit just as much, if not more, from comparison shopping and from using a quote comparison service like ours to make sure they get the lowest premiums they possibly can.

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